Tirel Markov is a Revenant Fighter/Ranger in The Seven Sons. He is played by Tyler Shelton.

Events Edit

On an early adventure, Tirel grappled an Aboleth and rode its back underwater and into its lair.

Tirel almost caused the death of the King of the East by accidentally pushing him into a portal to the Astral Sea.

He somehow has a bastard child with a streetwalker named Elma.

Tirel pretended to be a prostitute to spy on the dwarven king.

He discovered his body underneath the dwarven city of Gargesh. In his previous life he was slain by a horde of aberrant chokers.

The royal bloodline of Gargesh fell upon Tirel before his death.

Tirel commands the entirety of the Black Hand assassins and spies.

In a brawl with the Seven Moons, Tirel and Mustang struck killing blows upon each other. Tirel was soon after resurrected with a phoenix feather, but Mustang remains dead.

During a battle with ettins, Tirel landed the killing blow against a companion named Olaf on a confirmed critical fail.

Character Information Edit

Quests Edit

He seeks a way to free himself from the Raven Queen

Tirel is on a mission to release Mustang Armstrong from the clutches of the Raven King, as well as resurrect him.

Magic Items Edit

  • Necrotic Broadsword of the Seven
  • Quicksilver Broadsword
  • Diamond Cincture Belt
  • Obsidian Ring
  • Bag of Hell-ding

Abilities Edit

Fighter Effects Edit

  • Combat Challenge

Fighter Enhancements Edit

  • Tempest Technique

Path of the Berserker Edit

  • Grants the ability to go into a rage and attack anything nearby, including allies
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